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We have the best clients! Read some of their experiences working with Coastyle Events in their own words. 

Amy & Nick

I cannot say enough GREAT things about Coastyle Events. Ashley Noack helped us realize and execute our dream wedding! Ashley knew all the best vendors that were perfect for our budget and vision and helped coordinate all meetings, contracts, etc. She is extremely SWEET, easy going and organized. She was always thinking two steps ahead and is very detail oriented. Every meeting my husband and I had with Ashley was fun and we walked out with huge smiles - always reassured we were in great hands. Ashely's experience and expertise are absolutely priceless. From our first meeting, we knew we could 100% trust her with our budget, vision and execution and she absolutely exceeded every expectation. Everything from planning, to the rehearsal to the wedding day went flawlessly and we could not have done it without Ashley. If you are getting married in San Diego - hire Coastyle Events to coordinate and plan your big day!

Katie & Todd

Ashley Noack and her amazing team helped us realize our absolute dream wedding! Ashley directed us to all of her select vendors that were right for our budget and all totally awesome. We never would have discovered them with out her. She is super organized and detail oriented, which made me jump for joy as I am very Type A as well. She ran our rehearsal in an efficient and timely manner. She also created a complete script and timeline for our wedding day. Everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing and where to be, which led the event to be produced flawlessly. We also had her and Jillian design our wedding theme/decorations. Jillian is so creative and can make just about anything you need! They helped us pull off an elegant vintage sports themed wedding...I know sounds out there, but it was amazing and totally us. If you are getting married in San Diego you need Coastyle Events to coordinate and produce your magical day! I got married two weeks ago and am still getting messages from friends and family saying our wedding was the best they have ever been too!

Tammy & Nadav

Where do I even start??? Ashley started as my wedding planner and over the course of the past 7 months became a good friend. You know a wedding planner is awesome when she actually becomes good friends with the bride while managing the craziness that is planning the bride's wedding. Ashley and her team did full wedding planning, decor, and design for us and they were simply amazing. My husband and I were married at the Martin Johnson House in La Jolla. A wedding venue that is beautiful but requires the couple to bring in everything from seating, food, DJ, photo booth, lighting, and in our case decor... lots and lots of decor. Our wedding day went off without a hitch and Ashley and her team are 100% responsible for that. Ashley is professional, organized, punctual, quick to respond, creative, personable, and it is clear that she really truly loves her job. I was constantly in awe of the minute details she repeatedly remembered, when I was unsure about something that we had discussed months before. She handled all of our wedding planning needs from helping me make sense of my indecisive tendencies, keeping the peace between me and my very opinionated mother (not the easiest task), telling me that glow in the dark light sabers would be a great idea (she was SOO right!!), recommending the most wonderful and AFFORDABLE vendors (she saved us A LOT OF MONEY), and attending vendor meetings with us. Ashley's partner, Jillian also helped us come up with our dream wedding decor and designed our incredible invitations. Ribbons everywhere, vintage glassware, farm tables, and flowers everywhere. I was in complete awe when I arrived at our wedding, and our guests are still talking about our unique and beautiful wedding. My husband and I are Jewish and Israeli. We had a very traditional Jewish ceremony and a big party with lots of Israeli music. Prior to our wedding, Ashley had never coordinated a Jewish wedding, but you would have never known. Ashley researched Jewish wedding traditions and somehow knew more about our traditions than we did?! Awesome right?! Ashley and her team at Coastyle Events are the BEST and I can't recommend them enough. If you are in the market for a wedding planning you NEED Ashley in your life.

Brittney & Nick

Where do I even begin??? Let me start by saying- Ashley, Jillian and Cara from Coastyle Events are beyond amazing! They all helped us plan our wedding day within about 6 months and they exceeded ALL and ANY expectations I could have had as a bride. Ashley is organized, thorough, so accommodating, outgoing and plan out fabulous! She was in charge of timelines/ vendors/ basically everything I am horrible at! Everything I ever asked- she answered- and was always 2 steps ahead. Which is probably the best trait a coordinator can have! I could not have done this without them! Jillian is just pure talent and creativity at its finest! Her decor vision surpassed anything I could have dreamt of! Cara rocked the day with us! Never had to worry about a thing! She was on top of everything! Including our drinks AND making sure we were fed! She is sweet/ organized and everyone, including vendors had nothing but compliments on how smooth she kept it running! Basically, I could go on forever... I would not have been able to pull of such a perfect day without these ladies! And above all, they worked with our budget- they actually SAVED us SO MUCH MONEY! They did full planning/decor/and florals (which were FABULOUS!) for a ridiculously affordable price! These girls mean business and are worth every penny and more! At the end of the night... My husband and I sat- when all the guests were gone and watched how everyone was so hard at work- breaking down and cleaning up... for us... We were in awe of all the hard work put into our day and couldn't be more appreciative! You will not regret one single thing about hiring any of these ladies! Thank you girls again to the moon and back! Our day was truly magical, because of you!

Christine & Michael

I had such an amazing experience working with Coastyle Events for my wedding that I don't even know how to put my thank you and recommendation into words. I worked with Ashley and her team for my September 20th wedding at the San Diego Botanic Garden. They helped me with month of coordination and decor. Everything was perfect. Ashley is extremely organized and took any pre-wedding stress off of me. She was able to coordinate all of my vendors, put together the most detailed timeline for the day, answered any question I had, and made excellent recommendations as to how the ceremony and reception were to run. I can honestly say there was not a glitch in the day, and that is thanks to Coastyle Events. Furthermore, their eye for detail and decor is amazing. I was able to tell the ladies an image of how I wanted my reception to look, and provided them with only a few pictures to help, and they created the most lovely reception for me- from the flowers and centerpieces, to burlap table runners, to selecting the perfect chairs for my outdoor reception. The team at Coastyle Events is experienced, organized, professional, friendly, and simply lovely to work with. Thank you!

Michaela & Bill

Nearly every conversation I have with Ashley and/or Jillian ends with, "I know I keep telling you this, but I am SO glad we have you in our life!" Not only are they advocates for us in ensuring we get our dream wedding, but they help us stick in reality while somehow getting us everything we've wanted. Together they make the perfect team. They are so organized, dependable, creative, so kind/funny,. They really know the industry and recommended great vendors for every aspect of our wedding. Their experience has helped us in so many more ways than saving us money and planning our event. They are worth every single penny, and then some. I can't say enough great things about Coastyle Events, they have made this process exciting/fun with as little stress as possible. Ashley is great at the scheduling/budgeting/negotiating, she is so organized and really helped me feel calm. I tend to stress on the little things but I was put at ease knowing Ashley was doing all of the thinking for me! She helped us stay on track and was an absolute dream to work with! Jillian is so sweet/creative and has such fabulous ideas. I told her my dream was to be featured in a bridal magazine and she said, "don't worry, we've got you!" and everything she set up on the wedding day looked like an actual styled shoot. Our wedding on 6/23/16 was truly our dream wedding. We lived out of state but we always felt we could count on Ashley/Jillian whenever we had a question or needed something. We used their Full Design package and it was the best decision we've ever made. I can't imagine our wedding day without Coastyle Events, and I don't want to! They took care of everything for us and we (along with our friends/family) were so impressed with this team. They made us feel like we're their close friends, but I'm sure they have a way of making every client feel that way. I know they truly cared about us and that showed in every aspect of our big day. We cannot thank them enough for their services, choosing Coastyle Events was absolutely the best decision we made for our wedding!!

Danielle & Ari

There are not enough superlatives to describe the job that Ashley Noack performs as a wedding planner. The most important aspect to finding the right wedding planner is that you will want to find someone who immediately addresses your problems and almost instantaneously gets back to you to answer your questions. Ashley must check her email every hour because her responses are always on point and she answers your questions in a very short amount of time. Her answers are always thoughtful, filled with great ideas that show her great skill as a wedding planner. She has superlative knowledge of almost every wedding venue in San Diego and will offer you her expert guidance in pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of every venue that you are considering. Beyond extending you that wonderful courtesy, she is innovative, imaginative, and an extremely hard worker. You will never be aware that you are not the only wedding that she is working on. Her insights into how you can save the most money on your ceremony and after party and still throw a celebration that is memorable makes Ashley stand out most among all wedding planners. She knows who supplies the cheapest wedding memorabilia and equipment at the cheapest prices; who is most fair; and who has a tendency to over charge you, causing the bride, groom, and parents less angst and worry. Ashley works hard to stay within your budget and even helps you determine what budget will work best within the money allotment you have allowed for you or your family with respect to expenditures. Ashley’s trustworthiness and handling of your money is without question. She records every transaction in which she is entrusted with money and notates every receipt with care and caution. However, what makes Ashley Noack the leading candidate for wedding planner of the year is her vision and her creativity. She can literally “see” every aspect of your wedding and make it happen. There is not even one small aspect of your wedding that will escape her. Her suggestions for making your wedding a storybook kind of lasting memory are unbelievable and about which one could write a book. She actually should write a book! I used to be a party planner myself many years ago and I cannot even come up with some of the amazing and thoughtful ideas that she suggests for a very minimum type of cost. Yes, it is all about the details! Lastly, we should also comment with respect to the glamour and energy that Ashley brings to the table. She is a gorgeous young woman who is able to relate perfectly to young women of any age. The best part is that she is a person who listens to you. Think about how many people in life listen to each other anymore and you will know how we feel that Ashley Noack is a treasure of all treasures to hire for your wedding!

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