Budget 101 : The cost of a San Diego wedding


We get asked a lot about budgets and what is the realistic cost of a San Diego wedding. We hope this helps give you an idea and a starting point for how much a wedding really costs in San Diego…

In order to establish a legitimate, realistic wedding budget, there are a few steps you must do before throwing out that lump sum number.  The four W’s are the best practice to use : Who (How many guests), What (Style of wedding : cocktail, sit down, buffet), Where (Beach v. Inland, Hotel v. Unique Venue) & When (What Day/Time of Year). Guest count and how flexible you are willing to be with location and time of year/day will drastically impact the budget and what you can plan for.  Our best advice, compose an excel spreadsheet with all of the different categories & start filling them in based on our pie chart.  You can adjust the number of guests as you go to see how you can or can’t fit certain vendors or aspects into your big day.

For  about 100 guests, we usually tell our couples that a budget of $30,000 is very realistic for a San Diego wedding. Weddings in California in general are on the higher side, with $35,000+ being the average cost. We have done weddings for under $30k, but such wedding was honestly possible by the bride and groom sacrificing some details or cutting some guests off their list.  Removing even 10 guests takes away a table, a linen, all of the china/flatware/glassware and floral arrangements needed for that one group of folks. Cutting guest count isn’t the only way to reduce costs of course, it just comes down to spending where your priorities are.

Venue restrictions and regulations can really drive up your costs. For instance, some venues (golf courses, wineries, country clubs) might have an affordable rental fee but then require you to use their expensive caterer. Others that are outdoors and beautiful might not have ample lighting, kitchen equipment or any rentals included.   These factors of course play into the “We’ve gotta have it” mindset and ultimately boil down to what is most important to you and your Mr. or Mrs.  Additionally, aside from venue & location, you will need to truly keep your budget in mind at all times when booking other vendors.  It can be very easy to fall in love with a $5,000 photographer or the most amazing wedding band with a $7,000 price tag!

The biggest advice we can give is establish your budget up front.  Money is one of the most fire fueling topics that can and will come between you and your fiancé for years to come.  Designing a budget might mean getting those uncomfortable money conversations out of the way.  When it comes to in-laws, tread lightly.  It’s not appropriate for you as the bride or groom to have or be present for conversations regarding money with your future in laws.  Money is a very personal subject and should be discussed in private.  Once you have all parties on board and you know what you are working with, use our pie chart below for a start on how to breakdown your wedding day budget!


Wedding Budget Planning 101 San Diego Coastyle Events

Happy Planning!

xo Ashley

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Spread Happinessto Bride & Grooms

Happy Monday Ya’ll! May your week be filled with nothing but happiness!


Ash & Jill

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Our 2014 Favorites : A Year in Review | Coastyle Events

This past year brought an abundance of designs, themes, color & styles to the board! Reinventing the wheel each time is something I find the most tricky yet most rewarding.  When the trends are set and the Pinterest boards filled, it’s always fun to take an idea and unravel so many more that make each wedding unique & what we like to call, Coastyled.  This year we were blessed to work with clients from all walks of design.  The best part? They trusted us.  I can’t tell you how much fulfillment we get when a client comes to us and let’s us run wild with their big day because they know we will deliver something amazing.  Trust is one of the biggest keys to a successful planning & designing partnership.

Now to the good stuff! Here are a few of our favorite moments from 2014:

Favorite Bouquets:

Favorite 2014 Bridal BouquetsFavorite Lounges:

Best Wedding Lounge Area 2014San Diego Wedding Loungs best of 2014


Pretty Papery:

Best Wedding Invitations and Papery 2014Best Wedding Invitations and Papery 2014

Ceremony Backdrops:

Best ceremony space San Diego CaliforniaBest ceremony space San Diego California

Love what you see? So do we! More pictures of course are on our Facebook & website for you to check out! We are so thankful for an amazing 2014 and the incredible vendors we worked with to bring our vision to life! Cheers to a new year & new, exciting aesthetics and challenges!  We are ready to Coastyle with you!



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Hello 2015!

Now that the confetti boomers & champagne corks have popped, the clean up has been dreadfully done and we’re back in the swing of things, we are so excited for 2015.  We were so thankful to ring in the New Year with a fabulous couple Katie & Bobby at La Valencia Hotel.  The decor was sparkly, the candles romantic and a group of handsome pilots ready for a good time!  From the hand tied bow ties on every place setting to the modern calligraphy menu cards & program board, this wedding was all sorts of sophisticated! Can’t wait to post the full gallery & see the amazing photos from Tori P. Photography.

La Valencia Military Wedding Bride and GroomLa Valencia New Year's Eve Wedding Table Decor

From Katie’s wedding we headed to the Dana Hotel in Pacific beach for a gorgeous, 100% Coastyled wedding for Trish & John! After the crazy couple of days of frost, freezing (well in San Diego anyways) temps and rain, we weren’t sure what to expect.  Luckily, the weather gods held out for us and gave the two of them one of the most beautiful winter days! Their guests were invited to a cocktail style reception where they were encouraged to mix and mingle & forget the traditional seating plan! High tops & low boys surrounded the dance floor along with specialty lounges & a custom bar! Every detail of this wedding was planned and executed.  It was so great for us to be back in action – me on design & set-up and Ash doing her thing coordinating and getting people from point A to B!  It was a dream team of vendors to work with & we’re stoked for the photography & video footage from Continuum Photography & Dis-Moi Oui Films.

Rustic Beach Wedding San Diego CaliforniaRustic Beach Wedding San Diego CA

The last week was the perfect glimpse into 2015 and the exciting journey that lies ahead for us!

Stay tuned for our best moments in 2014 coming to the blog tomorrow!



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Buh Bye 2014. Welcome 2015.

And just like that, another year has come and gone and here we sit here in awe of how amazing the past year has been both personally and professionally.  While it may have been the most crazy, off the wall, busiest, up – down roller coaster ride that felt like it was never going to end, we can’t help but look at the past 365 days and marvel at how blessed we truly are.  From babies to law school, 46 weddings later & a trip of a lifetime, 2014 is going to be tough to beat!

Isn’t it amazing how God leaves us clues everywhere we go? January started off with this little number in a local store in Hillcrest.  I couldn’t help but take a picture…little did we know how big of a journey we would embark on.


Taking the month to get our plan to move forward (we could have used SEVERAL months, but ain’t nobody got time for that!), we were so excited to start working with our 2014 Coastyle clients that would bring so many new and exciting challenges to the table.  From boho to whimsical to chic and romantic, the styles and designs were all over the map and the ideas were flowing.

PicMonkey Collage

February kicked off our wedding season in Los Angeles.  Our next stretch of spring weddings followed shortly after and we prepared for our debut at the Catersource/Event Solutions Conference in Las Vegas.  The best part – we would be designing a table for their tablescape contest!  With little to zero guidance, we were able to think outside of the box and come up with what we thought would be the best table yet; “Love is in the Air”.  Inspired by the hashtag we use at each our weddings, we decided to float a table and literally create love in the air.  The floral runner and hot air balloons created that cloud like feeling you get when you’re up above all that really matters and floating on the euphoric high you get when looking at the one true love you chose to spend the rest of your life with.  The gold butterfly plates and the adorning cobalt blue accent pieces created a sky-like feeling and contrasted beautifully. The best part – we created this entire look for under $500! Oh yah, did I mention we met David Tutera and he judged our table? What a nice, genuine guy.


PicMonkey Collage (5)

We left Vegas with all we could possibly fit in our car and headed back to San Diego to get back to the next few months of non-stop weddings and events!  From gardens to country clubs, our team traveled all over San Diego making the Best Day Ever happen for our beautiful clients!  As the roller coaster continued, we definitely had infinite amounts of learning opportunities.  It’s funny when you think back and graduate elementary school, then middle and high, you move on to college and leave with a certificate in hand as if the learning is over and you’re ready to take on the world.  Little do they tell you that the learning doesn’t stop as you exit campus; it multiplies by ten.  This business is one of those where you can’t truly be great at your job without the little things that come up here and there that continue to teach us how much we don’t already know : ) Then again, there are those special moments where deep down inside you fill with the utmost contentment knowing that you ended a wedding or event and nailed it!  Either way, we more so than ever believe that what we learned in 2014 will be the fundamental base for our business and partnership moving forward.  While we both have gone through life changing transformations, we together are our best selves.

PicMonkey Collage1

Our April closed with the best event of all, a baby shower for Jillian.  “It was the most incredible, special day.  I couldn’t believe that I was loved that much to deserve the most beautiful shower I had ever been to.  The gorgeous table, the bow and block making stations and the super fun photo booth were just some of the highlights.  I still look back at the pictures from that day and marvel at how many amazing friends came to shower baby Charlee with so much love and support.  I am so grateful” – Jillian

PicMonkey Collage (3)

In May, Ashley and her husband Derek closed a three year long chapter in their book known as “Law School”.  A proud moment for them as they celebrated his hard work and accomplishment from USD Law School.  As he sat in the library for months after graduation, studying his brain away to sit for the bar, Ashley continued to keep herself busier than ever, focused on clients and picking up all of the pieces as Jillian went on maternity leave. In July, of course in the middle of our busy season, another one of God’s plans revealed itself.  Jillian and her husband Josh welcomed their new baby girl Charlee into the world.  Born July 3, 2014, a new Coastyle member was born.  On July 26, we had her already working her first wedding (J/K)..maybe…

PicMonkey Collage (1)It was a beautiful summer filled with color, fun & exciting changes for both of us!  We were blessed to spend a week back on the East coast for a Bat Mitzvah and visit with Jillian’s family.  Fortunate for us, we were able to sneak away for the day and take the train up to NYC and play tourist for a day!  Times Square, mid-town, downtown & Central park were all on our list of must-sees.  It was a great yet exhausting trip that deserved a day of R&R when we returned to San Diego at the Spa at the Hotel Del in Coronado to get ready for our second round of weddings.

PicMonkey Collage (4)The exciting thing about a season closing is getting all of the photos back.  It’s always so much fun when we sit at our desks and reminisce through the photos.  From the breathtaking moments to the hilarious end of the night dance parties, each photo brings back a memory.  If the photos weren’t enough evidence of the unique vision that came to life, it was even more exciting to hear that a handful of our work was recognized as inspiring and going to be featured in various publications. The icing on the cake was being nominated and awarded theKnot.com Best of 2015 and runner up for Southern California Bride’s best of wedding planning company.  We worked so hard and even though we tell all of our clients that we are a true sucker for a simple thank you, the affirmation that others thought our work was superb made it all just so much sweeter!  Thank you to everyone who believed in us enough and trusted us with the biggest day of their entire life.

As we rounded the fall season, our schedules seemed to be filled with beach & gardens.

PicMonkey Collage2We finished up our season fairly early as both of us needed a little bit of time for R&R. Recharging is one of the hardest things to do in this industry and yet it’s also crucial to surviving.  While being a wedding planner is the BEST job we could ever imagine, it’s also one of the most draining, time consuming, mentally on all of the time, creativity sucking, never ending projects.  We of course say that with a smile and love.  Knowing that the burnout stage would be creeping on us, Ashley finished her season late September and jet-setted to Europe for a three week back packing trip to celebrate her and Derek’s well deserved success.

PicMonkey Collage (2)

Tomorrow will be our last wedding of 2014 and we are rejuvenated and ready to for the new adventures in 2015.  Thank you to all of the vendors, clients and friends who have touched our lives this past year and assisted in making some of our most special memories.  Thank you to our parents who continue to inspire us to reach for the stars and chase after our dreams.  Knowing that you believe in us is the best gift you could ever give us.  Most importantly, thank you to the men in our lives, Derek & Josh.  The two of you have listened to our stories, given a shoulder to cry on, jumped up and down in excitement and laughed with us in our best and worst of times.  Your never ending support means the world to us.  While we realize that you have graduated to no longer being our assistants, we hope you know how much your help has aided in our success.

Happy New Year’s Eve friends.  May you continue to follow your dreams and never let the fear of striking out get in your way.


xo Ashley & Jillian


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